12 Ways Virtual Data Rooms Saves You Hours

Why do you, as a lawyer, spend hours structuring and organising raw data dumps during transactions or due diligence? This is a question we’ve been trying to solve for law firms around the world.

We believe an intelligent VDR platform empowers you to do more with less. How does Ruby Datum make your life easier? We’ve listed 12 key points below.

  1. A secure, central place to collaborate and share data with all stakeholders, across locations and entities.
  2. Takes no time to onboard and kick start without any learning curve.
  3. Saves time on structuring and organising data by templating the folder structure per your checklists.
  4. Data search-ability and filters that save time when managing multiple documents.
  5. Control the data access and permissions yourself as to who sees what with no dependency on tech teams.
  6. Communicate within the system through Q&A to avoid thousands of email exchanges.
  7. Customise and action tasks within the VDR.
  8. Create trackers of information with custom fields for better indexing and data sets for analysis.
  9. Facilitate documentation with powerful features such as redaction, versioning, watermarks, file previews, email documents directly into folders as attachments, etc.
  10. Ensure utmost security at the data centre, application and information levels to counter cyber security and data privacy risks and liabilities.
  11. Better client engagement and enhanced client-centric service delivery.
  12. Tech as a differentiator and competitive advantage over other firms.

If you see the benefits of a virtual data room, then Ruby Datum can help. Head to our website and request and demo today.