August Platform Updates
Virtual Data Rooms

We are into August now and Ruby Datum continues to expand the team. We’re really excited to welcome Jake Birchall. We already have Jake working towards ensuring the platform continues to grow, with a particular focus on user interface improvements and performance increases.

Some updated for the past month include:

  • When adding or editing a site, you can now choose the bar and highlight colours for more bespoke branding
  • You can now add multiple folders at once by separating into new lines
  • Added “Default document access” setting to choose whether unrestricted documents by default have Download, Print or View only access
  • Changing watermarks will force all users to reload fresh document previews
  • Tidied up “add client” and “edit client” forms
  • Fix for download alert emails sometimes showing multiple downloads as “Multi” rather than the Folder/Document names
  • Fix for forms sometimes not submitting when enter key is pressed
  • Fix for inactive sites not showing in site listings
  • Fix for browser sometimes allowing print, despite permissions specifying otherwise