Autumn Platform Updates

Virtual Data Rooms

While the Ruby Datum wheels have been turning the past few months, the blog side of things has been somewhat¬†lacklustre. Fear not, for we now bring you the latest Virtual Data Room updates. P.s. the integrated tasks management platform is now complete, and we’re demo’ing to a few select people – so please get in touch if you’re interested. Updates as follows:

  • Migrated database to a new, highly tuned cluster to offer faster delivery of data across the platform.
  • “Did you mean?” feature on search results, to offer suggestions should you make a typo during search. This is based on a search index of suggestions tailored for each individual user based on what they have permission to see.
  • Renamed “Clients” to “Sites” on the system for better clarity.
  • Clickable tags. You can now click on tags to Folders, Documents, Questions and Tasks. This will enable you to build your own custom filters against common search terms.
  • Added “date” as a custom field type.
  • Improved document viewer, enabling you to Print & Download directly from the preview screen.
  • Removed “Site owner” from site creation screen, as well as auto-populate mechanism on fields such as “E-mail from” and site domain based on the site name entered.
  • Folders will now be restricted by default on creation for improved security.
  • Added a third “heavy lifting” server to assist with intensive tasks when the system is under heavy use.
  • Added custom fields to sites, for easier management. Also added “Last Login”.
  • Added total size (in GB) of sites, as well as accumulated size of all its sub-sites.
  • New “clone site” feature enabling you to create template sites for rapid deployment of new projects. This will clone folder structures, user groups, user levels, custom fields and plenty more (selectable when you select a site to clone).
  • Added ability to search and also export as Excel, the manage sites page.
  • Added ability to choose which users have admin access to which sub-sites
  • Added “Upload” as a permission for folders, to offer the ability to upload without giving full edit access.