Can Ruby Datum be an extension/enabler to other legal technologies?

For software providers, anything from contract drafting to e-signature to AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis and beyond quite often lack a sophisticated document management and/or collaboration platform for their clients to manage the complex documents that flow in and out. Due to its white label (including domain) capabilities, it is easy for Ruby Datum to integrate with such software in order to provide the full functionality many clients require.

For clients, maintaining multiple software platforms can be difficult, and often lead to multiple copies of one document sitting in too many locations. This not only poses a security threat and creates confusion around which copy is the master, but also having multiple copies of a document is poor for data sustainability; to find more, read our article on why Virtual Data Rooms are good for sustainability.

Ruby Datum provides an advanced document and data collaboration platform that allows easy integration with a development team on hand to ensure smooth data flow into and out of the platform. Imagine drafting a contract without having to leave the document management area, and especially without having to download and upload it to more than one platform or imagine seeing all your AI analysis data alongside the documents or imagine collating signatures and seeing the signees status from one central location, or a combination of all these in just one place. Ruby Datum makes this possible.

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