Case Study – Elexsys Virtual Data Room
Ruby Datum - Growing

At Ruby Datum Virtual Data Rooms, our mission is to provide a first class service Virtual Data Room with a pioneering user experience and great performance at its heart. By asking our clients for user generated feedback we are able to constantly improve our service and provide the best possible product with our users in mind.

In saying this, we are proud of the 24x7x365 customer support and service that we provide to enhance our client’s experience, that’s why it’s so wonderful to hear from our clients that we are exceeding expectations with our service.

Ruby Datum’s Founder and CEO, Nick Watson, started his working relationship with eleXsys® Energy in early 2021 through a referral of word of mouth and the story has been a success ever since.

eleXsys® Energy is an advanced power electronics device integrating a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) proprietary software applications enabling next-generation two-way smart grids. This award-winning technology platform manages the stability and resilience of distributed energy resources. With grid-forming capability, eleXsys® can also be configured to integrate and enable more efficient off-grid microgrids. 

After working with eleXsys® Energy for some time, it was great to hear from Tara Stevenson, Business Services Manager at eleXsys® Energy about her outstanding experience with Ruby Datum.

“eleXsys® Energy and our investors are finding Ruby Datum very intuitive and user friendly. This is a noticeable improvement in our investors’ experience with our previous service provider. The technical support provided by Ruby Datum is easy to reach and has consistently provided prompt and comprehensive resolution of issues and offered suitable value adds. In summary, Ruby Datum is a pleasure to work with and provides a highly user-centric virtual data room platform with impressive continuity of service.”

It always gives the Ruby Datum team such a sense of pride to hear that our hard work and intuitive platform are exceeding our client’s expectations and to be able to provide a platform that meets our client’s needs. 

Nick Watson, CEO of Ruby Datum shares his views on what is the ideal client.

“Ruby Datum just loves working with clients that are as passionate about delivering exceptional services as we are. Tara and the team at eleXsys have been nothing but a joy to work with, and I look forward to continuing our relationship. We particularly love working with clients that are working towards changing the world for the better.”

Is your current VDR meeting your needs? 

With an array of competitors in the industry providing all sorts of features and functions, Ruby Datum seeks to personalise and adapt our service to meet your company’s goals and even the most ambitious of ideas. If your current provider just isn’t up to your expectations, contact the Ruby Datum team today who will be more than happy to consult with you on your business needs. 

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