Control Your Data Residency With Ruby Datum

Thanks to re-working parts of the core platform, we are now able to offer Ruby Datum data-at-rest wherever you desire. This can either be on AWS, Azure, Sharepoint, Google Cloud/Workspace, and more. If it is accessible via an API, we can easily build a connector in conversation with your IT team. You can manage the data yourselves, or leave it to us – or a hybrid. Some ways this can work are:

  1. Complete data-at-rest, so all data is stored on your own cloud infrastructure
  2. Data-at-rest on our pioneering infrastructure backed by complete resilience across multiple storage devices (premium SSD), multiple tenancy and optionally multiple-region instances
  3. A hybrid of 1 and 2, mirroring on your own cloud infrastructure but primarily stored on our infrastructure
  4. Option 2, stored in a region of your choice (on Microsoft Azure)
  5. Mirrored site & folder structure with Sharepoint or Google Workspace for enhanced features whilst maintaining security control and scope with SSO at your preferred central location.
  6. Encryption keys managed by us or you, per-licence, per-site or per-user as you desire.

We would be delighted to chat some more. Just contact us.