Document Redaction Is Now On Ruby Datum

We are pleased to introduce document redaction to our Virtual Data Room platform. At present, this is manual redaction with the ability to redact by text, intent and using AI coming in the not-so-distant future.

When we initially looked into adding redaction, we were unhappy with the existing tools on the market which we looked to integrate with Ruby Datum. The text selection was either quite difficult to use, or the resulting redacted file was not actually properly redacted which could potentially have caused a data breach if someone was to edit the file using a PDF tool. Some of the tools out there even allowed you to still select the text behind the redaction in the browser!

We combine the redactions with the text to create a “flattened” image, which is then written back into the PDF file.

Users with “Edit” access to a document will be able to hover over to see the redactions, edit or remove redactions and add new redactions. Users with View/Download/Print access will only be able to see the redacted file.

Document Redaction is an opt-in feature by enabling in “Document Settings”.

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