February Platform Updates

Virtual Data Rooms

Last week we made an exciting announcement introducing Google Authenticator two-factor login for virtual data rooms, as part of our commitment to providing the optimal standard in security. We are also pleased to announce a few more updates to our virtual data room platform that were made in February:

– Integrated Google Authenticator for two-factor login
– Platform rendering performance updates
– Improved image cropping for more accurate thumbnails (if it is a photo of you for example and you aren’t in the centre, it will find you in the image and crop around that part)
– Improved background task performance
– Improved search performance and accuracy
– Various usability & security improvements

There was a big focus on performance this month. We are already widely regarded by many as the fastest virtual data room provider on the market, and these updates ensures we stay ahead of the game. When you’re closing a deal, the last thing you want is to wait around for things to process.

Frustrated users = frustrated deals.

We have also been trialling a new OCR system that focuses more on using in-depth artificial intelligence (machine learning) in order to determine words, and a comprehensive language database in order to predict them more accurately than currently. This means that handwriting should also be recognised on many of the documents & images uploaded in order to add them to the results when searching.

This new system is ready to go and will be rolled out over the next few weeks with no downtime or interruptions.