How Ruby Datum is improving user experience yet again

Innovation is continuous at Ruby Datum, as Nick Watson, our founder, CEO and master coder, is constantly seeking ways to improve the platform. The latest updates to the platform’s interface improves user experience. 

As the user experience is central to all platform updates and modifications at Ruby Datum, we actively and frequently seek user feedback in order to create a better product and service. Previous updates that have been actioned as a result of client feedback include bespoke integrations and text recognition and search. To read more about how client feedback has generated updates to the platform to enhance the users experience, click here.

In the latest edition of Ruby Datum’s newsletter, Nick discussed new improvements coming soon, but soon is here, and we are excited to reveal that improvements have been made to how forms are handled throughout the platform. In this intuitive video, Nick explains that updates to the forms interface makes forms much easier to follow. In doing so, the user experience is improved.

But what is most exciting is the introduction of a new tool, form snips. Form snips are a way to instantly update custom fields from the Folders/Documents, Questions & Answers or Site listings. With a more efficient way to make changes to your fields from the document view, working with Ruby Datum becomes easier.

To speak to our team about Ruby Datum’s Virtual Data Room, feel free to contact [email protected] or click here.