Latest Platform Updates – January
April Platform Updates

Here is a summary of the latest Virtual Data Room updates we have been making over the past few months:

  • You can now send users invites in bulk through the right click menu
  • Platform terms & conditions have been updated, along with acceptable use policy
  • Ability to “de-activate” a site has been added in, disabling access to the site for everyone (without having to lock the users out)
  • You can now hide fields from the documents or sites views to selected users or groups of users (e.g. Last Upload, Author or custom fields)
  • You can now “Use as” for inactive users
  • Metadata such as document author, created date and last modified date can now be extracted from documents automatically. You can select the “Metadata” option when creating a custom field
  • When adding users to a group, you can now type to search for them as you do this
  • Active Directory support is now a possibility – please contact us if you would like it enabling for your site (no additional cost)
  • Info and download icons now show when you hover over folders and documents
  • You can now setup a custom user level allowing users to create sites but not necessarily have access to existing ones