Latest Platform Updates – March/April

To say we’ve been active is an understatement. Whilst many companies are reporting difficult times, Ruby Datum is thriving at the moment, partly thanks to the catalyst that is our partnership with Cosmonauts.

Things haven’t slowed down on the platform front, either. We’ve deployed our advanced, two-factor authentication with full hardware support. This means, you can now login using your phone or laptop’s built-in fingerprint reader, facial recognition or an external hardware key such as Yubikey or Google Titan.

In addition, we’ve made some performance updates which many of you will have noticed already – in fact, the platform framework now loads in an average 380 milliseconds with subsequent clicks such as document or user listings in around 50-80 milliseconds average. We challenge you to find a Virtual Data Room that comes even slightly close!

We’ve also started work in-tandem with an interface uplift to offer a fully-featured dashboard, allowing you to produce reports on many user activity. This includes time spent viewing documents.

Here is a full list of updates:

  • Added hardware-based, email and Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication methods.
  • Made several performance updates.
  • Added weekly email notifications.
  • “Recently added” will now use the last date the user viewed the page, rather than their last login date.
  • Current folder will also now search sub-folders.
  • Automated emails will now link directly to document view when referred to.
  • Added support for Chinese characters on document index export.
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks to the user interface.

As always, we welcome feedback here at Ruby Datum and encourage it wherever possible – even for the small, mundane things (they’re exciting to us!).