How Mishcon de Reya uses Ruby Datum’s Virtual Data Rooms for their software integrations

Ruby Datum was first introduced to Mishcon de Reya as part of their MDR LAB programme, a series of programmes that seeks to launch, improve and scale the next generation of LegalTech. As Mishcon were impressed with Ruby Datum’s platform, a pilot was run, outside the LAB, over several months prior to adoption. In this time, Ruby Datum and Mishcon worked together to generate client and user based feedback that would result in features to the platform. The most distinguished feature developed through this pilot was an iManage integration to enable a smooth flow of documents from one platform to the other. The Ruby Datum team intends to continue this process to develop further integrations and various improvements as designated by Mishcon de Reya.

In July 2020, Mishcon de Reya LLP revealed a three year contract with Ruby Datum Virtual Data Rooms, used primarily for the Real Estate industry, but with a view to explore Ruby Datum’s capabilities in other departments such as Corporate and Litigation.

Nick Watson from Ruby Datum says “We couldn’t be more excited to strengthen our relationship with Mishcon de Reya. The team there have been highly responsive, agile and offered invaluable feedback to help us grow the platform further without compromising on user experience, an area both firms are highly passionate about. We’ve always seen Mishcon as one of the leaders when it comes to Technology, a firm held in high regard by the industry at large.”

Nick Watson continued “we were able to take some of the feedback to our existing user base and work with all parties to ensure we were carefully approaching requests and ensuring we weren’t putting features in for the sake of it, something Mishcon were very supportive of. We were able to liaise with all parties, collaborate and come up with some innovative ideas that solved challenges at large.”

Sandra Smythe from the Knowledge Services team at Mishcon de Reya said “Ruby Datum have listened attentively from the beginning, communicating regularly in order to develop a roadmap that ensured our needs were met. It’s great to be supporting a start-up now in its fourth year, and allows us to continue partnering our services with pioneering technology to deliver maximum value to our clients.”

This announcement came just one month after Ruby Datum announced a partnership with Cosmonauts, a leading business development provider in the LegalTech sector, who took a shareholding in Ruby Datum in order to help expand the company globally.

As is clear, Ruby Datum puts the user experience first. By uniquely requesting client and user based feedback, Ruby Datum is able to continuously improve the platform to work best for our clients.

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