November Platform Updates: Introducing Form Tasks

Another month with more new features and updates released. We also welcome back Dan James into the team after a well-deserved paternity leave break. Here are just some of what we have been working on:

  • Form Tasks released! After a while in development and testing, we are pleased to release this feature. As well as document collaboration, Ruby Datum now has integrated tasks and data capture/management features. Read more here:
  • Custom fields now apply to users as well, enabling you to capture additional information when they sign-up, or edit their profile (admins can also manage this information, and hide restricted information from the user – so for internal use only)
  • Number of replies, Related document, Date Created, Author are now automatically added to every new site for Questions and Answers section, and shown by default as columns (where the user has permission)
  • Escape key now exits form snips (the “click to edit in-place” popups that appear when clicking on custom fields)
  • Resetting password twice in the same session no longer sends out two different emails with two different codes (thus reducing confusion)
Example of how forms can be linked to tasks in order to capture data

For more recent updates, we suggest you read about the additions of ‘Invite a user’ and ‘Calculation Field’.