Platform Updates And Company News – Q1 2022

2022 is flying for Ruby Datum as we come to celebrate our 6th year trading. We have seen a surge in demand, largely off the back of our successful crowdfunding, participation in Slaughter and May’s collaborate programme, and more recently, our partnership with dealcloser. We continue to attend conferences and events, with Summize’s Tech Play Day, Future Lawyer Week, and LawNet all on the horizon.

Dan and Pippa will shortly be taking a well deserved break on joint Paternity and Maternity leave, as they celebrate the arrival of their new baby.

We have three new members also joining the Ruby Datum team. We will publish about these separately shortly.

Our vision for a fully integrated document, data, and task collaboration platform is coming together brilliantly, and the first beta is already being used by our own team for ongoing ISO27001 and ISO9001 compliance. Our auditor was impressed with the tool we are using, and how we have it set up. In addition, we are also using Ruby Datum as a CRM, to host delegate packs for Cosmonaut’s conferences, and internal team task management. This is giving us unique insights into how we can best adapt the tool for our customers to achieve similar results.

We are also overhauling our brand guidelines, core messaging strategy and personas, as well as launching a new website in the coming weeks. We have invested heavily in setting the tone for how we want to be seen in the markets we operate moving forwards, and resonate more with the leaders, the disruptors, the empaths of this world that are pushing forwards with transformation to the betterment of everyone.

Our collaborative group is being assembled, meaning even further engagement with those interested in Ruby Datum will be possible to sound ideas, and explore opportunities together. Clients, employees, investors, suppliers, and those simply interested alike will have the opportunity to engage and be rewarded for their participation.

In addition, we have some new features and platform improvements as follows: