Ruby Datum’s offer to partner with law firms and consultants is an amazing value proposition.

For those who don’t know, Ruby Datum is a business and industry agnostic virtual data room and collaboration platform with customisable and brandable workspace, high end security, features based on actual feedback from the users including data storage, structuring, organising, Q&A, tracking and data capturing capability, task and project management, templating of project sites and several such features that help integrate with other systems and provide complete control over data to the users.

While Ruby Datum and its team helps with data hosting, storage and structuring, consultants and law firms can collaborate with Ruby Datum to offer several services to their clients such as:

a) data review and management of the documents, come up with summaries, identify key issues and make it an additional stream of revenue even when you are not conducting a due diligence.

b) real time tracking and updating of documents for long form/ongoing virtual data rooms for follow on rounds of funding, thereby pro-actively helping your clients to be audit/investor ready.

c) advisory based on the gap assessment of the data room and as business partners help your clients closing these gaps timely.

d) visibility and delivering DIY type of services such as data room management, due diligence, transactional collaboration, compliance, contracts, portfolio management, case/incidents, IP tracking etc.

Build and use your legal tech systems to generate revenue for you while creating greater value for your clients.