Ruby Datum partners with Cosmonauts for sustainable & smart growth

We are excited to announce our promising partnership with Cosmonauts, BD experts, market intelligence professionals and leading conference producers in the fields of Legal Tech and more.

We believe the future is in collaboration and integration with other pioneers in the industry. As for Cosmonauts, established in 2016,  this is the second equity deal they have concluded in the past 6 months. For both companies, this partnership has become a significant pulling factor for maturing as a business through implementing innovative business models and new services while growing in parallel together. 

Timo Karakashev, CEO of Cosmonauts says “At Cosmonauts we could not be more thrilled to be joining Nick Watson and Ruby Datum on their journey, helping the company build value and scale-up. We have ambitious plans to accelerate the commercial expansion of the product into the USA, Europe and Asia over the next 18 months.”

Working together with Cosmonauts will enable us to expand our product to other countries, and continents as well. Having an international pool of users representing different work cultures, we are very keen to see where innovation and improvements are needed to achieve better user engagement and experience rates. 

We think that too many tech providers feel the need to cram their interface with functions only used by a minority of clients. Having a number of incredibly exciting features ready for deployment, and a team of dedicated developers, account managers, we aim to ensure the smooth, flawless and engaging integration of our platform.

Our exceptional commitment to client engagement, expanding the system based on user feedback, a clean interface, attentive support and exceptional performance will remain key priorities to us. 

Excited to see how this collaboration will help us achieve sustainable and smart growth and perhaps even introduce new products in the future. 

Timo Karakashev, CEO, Cosmonauts and Nick Watson, MD, Ruby Datum