Ruby Datum To Accept Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency Payments In 2018


Ruby Datum entered the market in 2016, disrupting the legal industry with advanced technology that propelled the virtual data room industry into the next generation.

In a move set to continue on the trend of embracing new technology, in-tandem with expanding its AI (Artificial Intelligence) offerings, the company will explore further opportunities with the Blockchain, and has already added support for bespoke Ethereum integrations and smart contracts, for that extra degree of verification when it comes to the ownership of documents & data.

While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin have been rising over the years, Ruby Datum has been paying close attention to the maturity of adoption and as a result, will now be among the first legal technology companies to accept Cryptocurrency payments.

Managing Director, Nicholas Watson said “At what appears to be a mature stage of the market, we feel that the long-term credibility of Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum & Bitcoin (particularly with the new lightning network on the way) have demonstrated longevity will be entirely possible and the future of payments will change, particularly for settling international transactions. We’re excited to be involved at the early stages of this exciting future.”