Ruby Datum’s Top 10 Moments of 2022

2022 has been an incredible year for Ruby Datum. The company has grown so much while we’ve continued to improve our platform and connect with even more clients. We are extremely proud of our achievements, and therefore we want to share with you our top moments of 2022.

January 2022: Crowdfunding!

In January we set out to expand and build Ruby Datum even further. To help with our expansion, we announced our crowdfunding campaign; this proud moment resulted in the company raising nearly £200,000. We’re extremely grateful to the people that supported our mission and again, want to thank everyone for believing in Ruby Datum.

February 2022: Slaughter & May Collaborate prestigious program

Being included in the Slaughter and May Collaborate Incubator Programme was a very proud moment indeed. We are one of four Legal Technology providers that made it. Our platform was used to address Slaughter and May’s challenge around managing multiple Requests for Information from regulators. A moment worth celebrating.

May 2022: Dealcloser collaboration and new team members

In May, we announced the collaboration with dealcloser, a leading cloud-based transaction management hub for legal professionals that modernizes the deal-closing process. Ruby Datum’s virtual data room was offered to dealcloser’s M&A users.

Later that month, the Ruby Datum family grew with Josh Pratt joining the team as Marketing Coordinator.

June 2022: More collaborations as the team grew even bigger

Ruby Datum partnered with Crowdcube to offer their virtual data room to its post-funded community. The combination of Ruby Datum’s innovative offerings with Crowdcube’s service support provides a complete seamless funding experience to manage and process transactions online from start to finish across all rounds of funding.

June also saw the arrival of our Head of Product Innovation, Rasmeet Charya. Rasmeet is a dual-qualified UK and Indian attorney with over 21- years of collective litigation, ALSP, legal and corporate compliance experience in private practice as well as in-house roles. 

August 2022: Promoting Mental Wellness in Law

A close community to the Ruby Datum team is LawTech.Live; a webinar where experts and thought leaders discuss topics within the legal and tech worlds. The series explores how we can all help to promote the mental well-being of people in this sector.

To conclude the year, LawTech.Live started their next series of webinars with a new topic. Focusing on Legal Innovation, Rasmeet Charya invited, Srdjan Dejanovic and Katherine Akers to discuss data sustainability and the best practices.

September 2022: The final piece of the team and Singapore

Considered by the CEO, Nick Watson, as the final piece of the puzzle, Calum Whytock joined Ruby Datum as our Business Development Specialist. Driven by his values around sustainability, mindfulness and problem-solving, Calum aligns with the Ruby Datum values perfectly.

During this period of the year, Rasmeet Charya represented Ruby Datum and the UK Digital Tech in Singapore Mission. We were selected as part of the UK delegation for the UK Digital Tech in Singapore.

October 2022: GAIA and Tomorrow Matters conference

CEO Nick Watson attended numerous events during October and November including GAIA, Tomorrow Matters, and MDR Lab. Representing Ruby Datum at these events gave us a chance to spread our message further. Also, we were able to meet like-minded people in this sustainability sector.

November 2022: Ruby Datum sponsors Legal Innovators UK

Following Nick’s attendance at GAIA, Tomorrow Matters, and MDR Lab, Calum joined him at Legal Innovators. As an official sponsor of the event, Nick was a part of a panel that discussed work-life balance; this conversation stood out as a highlight for Calum.

Last but not least, updating the platform!

Throughout 2022, our team pushed themselves to improve the platform. Across the year they’ve included features such as the release of form tasks, Microsoft SSO, folders for Q&A, @mentions, passkeys, azure migration, custom fields on users and much more!

Despite all the challenges, 2022 has been an incredible year. Reflecting on the company’s growth left us extremely excited for our next chapter. We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings.