Virtual Data Room Security – Global Password Breach Update

As part of our commitment to defence against the ongoing and consistently changing cyber security landscape, Ruby Datum has implemented various new, modern techniques that are now available to us in order to protect our network.

One change worth bringing our users attention to, is our scanning of publicly breached user accounts, in order to ensure the password you are using is safe.

This includes breaches of sites such as DropBox, LinkedIn, Adobe, Yahoo and more. There are over 400 sites in total across the database we check against.

If you try to use a password that has publicly been breached online, you will now be shown a warning message, which will allow you to either continue at your own risk, or set a new password.

Please note we do not store your password in clear text among many other OWASP standards in order to keep your account safe from breaches.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and level of expertise when it comes to keeping your data secure and are pleased to say no breaches of Ruby Datum have ever occurred, despite being a target by attacks throughout the day, every day.

Please stay tuned as we roll out more innovative security mechanisms to keep your account safe throughout the rest of 2019, into 2020 and beyond.