Welcoming Asif Nawaz To The Ruby Datum Team

It’s an exciting time here at Ruby Datum as we’re continuing to grow our platform and our team, which is a perfect introduction to our new in-house developer, Asif Nawaz.

Ruby Datum’s CEO, Nick Watson said, “We spent 6 months head-hunting for talent before we eventually found Asif. Asif has demonstrated an exceptional skillset during his hiring interviews and successful completion of a trial exercise.”

We pride ourselves on our high standards of security, problem-solving, and delivering high-performing software that is easy for our clients to use. Therefore, before welcoming an in-house developer into the team, we have to be sure that they work to our standards of excellence and be as passionate about Ruby Datum as the rest of the team. It’s safe to say, Asif Nawaz ticks those boxes.

“You can’t cut corners when it comes to development, as when security, performance and resilience are all at stake you have to seek out the best in the business,” says Nick Watson. Asif Nawaz went on to say, “Things that interest me the most about Ruby Datum are the futuristic and visionary approach toward new technologies in day-to-day business operations.”

Another reason why Asif felt like it is the perfect fit, was his shared passion for collaborative data and why he sees Virtual Data Rooms as an important tool. Asif went on to say “Virtual data rooms are essential for business for many reasons. It is essential to organising the entire data into a single truth source. Identify the requirements for documents at different stages of business and collaborate this seamlessly. It is safe and has complete control over the various transactional processes. For analysing investor interest and user behaviour they have active trackers for maximum effectiveness.”

When asked what Ruby Datum feature he was most excited about, Asif replied, “transparency, user control, and there are a lot of new features which are going to roll out very soon.”

“I am thrilled to welcome Asif to the Ruby Datum family and look forward to not only hiring an exceptional developer but someone whose values closely align with the business,” said Nick Watson.

Asif will be working closely with Dan (lead developer) and Nick to bring to our clients some exciting updates. In case you missed it, we’ve recently announced a brand new feature coming to Ruby datum – read more here.