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Features driven by user feedback

We invest heavily in both user experience and infrastructure
Pro-active, in-house support
We will take responsibility to find a solution, regardless of who is at fault. We will work with all parties towards solving issues. Talk to a human, and without sitting in queues.

Available 24x7x365.
Pioneering Security
Developed to OWASP standards, we hold ISO27001, ISO9001 and Cyber Essentials compliance certificates. We go far beyond this with advanced encryption, two-factor authentication (including hardware-based) and rigorous security testing by a CREST accredited company.
Integrations & Migrations
We assign you an account manager and dedicated integration consultant. We don't just burden you with an API and hard-to-understand documentation. We can integrate with anything from Sharepoint to Active Directory to iManage, document management systems, due diligence review tools and beyond.

If you need to migrate from an existing platform, we can help with this. We have migrated thousands of sites before in just minutes.

Fully customisable and brandable Virtual Data Rooms

By listening to our users, we create a better experience
Resilient infrastructure
Forget downtime. We store all data across multiple servers and data centres in London backed by high-grade, high-performance hardware.
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High speed and performance
Whether navigating, setting up users, downloading in bulk or uploading an entire folder structure, you will experience high speeds.
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User permissions
We offer full support for both user or group-based permissions, including the ability to set mass permissions from just one page.
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Document watermarks
We offer both static and dynamic watermarks, allowing you to insert the user’s name, email, current timestamp or custom text and control the size, colour, rotation and transparency.
Multiple file format support
We do not restrict the document types you can upload to the platform, but you can control this if you wish to do so.
Cross-platform support
Fully designed first for mobile with an intuitive interface, compatible with any modern web browser.
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Custom fields and table views
You can add in custom or dynamic fields such as calculations, allowing you to customise and sort your own table view.
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Rapid, drag-and-drop upload
Drag and drop from your computer’s explorer directly into Ruby Datum. We have created a first-of-its-kind upload method to ensure your documents reach our servers as fast as possible.
Text recognition and search
We challenge you to find a platform with more accurate text recognition. We have a relevancy-based search engine. You can search through the contents of thousands of documents in microseconds.
Metadata extraction
Our platform can automatically extract document author, original creation date and email subject/to/from information from uploaded data, into custom views and filters.
White label branding
Choose your own custom colour scheme or logo on a site-by-site basis, or revert to your default branding. You can even customise the web address.
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Bulk download
Download multiple folders/files quickly, as a compressed archive.
Tagging and favourites
Tag documents with custom words or phrases, allowing you to build custom queries, or mark them as a favourite in order to locate quickly later.
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Resizable document viewer
The document viewer is resizable, allowing you to click through lists or search results to preview each one in order to locate a document quicker.
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Site templates
Build your own templates for corporate, real estate, general use, etc and clone to new sites in order to rapidly deploy new projects.
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Integrated data extraction
We support compressed archives such as .zip, .rar but also .PST files and emails which can be extracted on the platform into their inbox folders with related attachments. All of which can be searched.
Permission checker
Want to double check permissions? “Use as” any user in order to verify they cannot see what you didn’t think they should be seeing.
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Integrated Question and Answers
Fully-integrated Question and Answers feature with ability to either ask and view questions within a document or view together in one place, complete with custom fields including the ability to assign to a group or user. Optionally, you can also hide question and reply authors from other users or groups of users.
Document indexes
Produce document indexes of the data room in either Excel or PDF format, with links back to view the folders and documents on the platform.
Activity audit trails and reports
View a complete list and optionally filter activity by a document, user or group of users. Export to Excel or produce graphs through our dashboard.
Notifications, email updates
View alerts via the built-in system or receive them by email weekly, daily or instantly. Whether this is a new user being added, when they login or a new document being removed, updated, viewed, etc. Alerts can be applied at bulk.
Unique activity score
At a glance, compare user or group activity based on common actions of interest, using our unique algorithm designed in collaboration with industry-leading experts.
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Where it is not possible to upload a document, yet other users know it is coming by inserting a placeholder.
Dual authorisation for highly secure sites
When using a master licence, offer the ability to mark a site as "highly secure" preventing all admins from accessing without dual-authorisation.
Carbon neutral company
We use renewable resources where possible, and offset emissions elsewhere.
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Customisable settings
Whether limiting the size of document uploads, restricting file types or controlling default permissions, Ruby Datum is highly customisable.
Form snips
Rapidly update custom fields, whether a user list, group list or form item from the main Documents or Questions and Answers view.
Multi factor authentication
Multi factor authentication (MFA/2FA) can be added either by hardware, email, Google Authenticator, Authy or SMS. You can enforce this as a requirement if you wish.
User start and end dates
Offer the ability to specify a date range of which the user can access a site.
Enhanced PDF Security
Disable the text layers on PDF documents, converting them to outlines to improve the PDF security from unauthorised editing or duplication.
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We have a bespoke redaction tool that is easy to use, allowing you to select an area or text to redact.
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Email Queue / Status
Review the status of emails sent from the platform and their current delivered/opened/clicked/bounced status
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Folder Email Inbox
Unique email address for each folder that can be enabled, to allow documents to be sent in as attachments for review.
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Video Viewer
As well as being able to preview documents, users can preview videos in the Virtual Data Room.
Customisable Dashboard
Drag/drop, resize, add, edit, or remove dashboard items to create your own views.
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@mention users
You can @mention users when asking a question, or replying to a question. They will receive an email to let them know. Of course, you can customise this feature with who you want to give access to for tagging, and whether users can tag those in the same group, or universally across the site.
Folders for Questions & Answers
Group your Questions and Answers into folders for easier organisation. Along with the custom fields and columns, this can be a very powerful feature.
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Numbering (with auto-numbering)
Whether on documents or questions, you can easily re-order items to update numbering. Or turn on auto-numbering.
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Single Sign-On
Sign in with your Microsoft Active Directory account, whether on 365, corporate, Azure, or Live with a click of a button.
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Inactive Site Pricing
We offer a special 75% discount on storage quota to all sites marked as inactive.
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Version Control
You can have multiple versions of a document, and update with new versions easily, as well as restore older versions.
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Forms & Tasks
Create tasks and forms which can capture data, and be assigned to users.
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