Further to Ruby Datum’s offer to partner with law firms/consultants on February 14, 2023, we are pleased to announce that Join the Dots, a US based legal tech consultancy is partnering with Ruby Datum to use the platform for its virtual data room setup and support services for clients.

Join the Dots is led by its founder Charanjot Pastagia, that started recently and has come up with a unique virtual data room support services to start-ups, law firms, corporates, investors and advisors, etc. Based on the demo and detailed review of the Ruby Datum platform and its revenue share offering for consultants, Join the Dots is delighted to join hands with Ruby Datum to use its platform to provide its data room support services. Ruby Datum provides flexibility, white labelling, custom fields, document summaries (using the integrated chatGPT) and DD checklist import and tracking while being fully secure that will help automate and expedite its data room services.

Ruby Datum is really excited to collaborate with Join the Dots!