For Ruby Datum – 2023 is the year of curiosity.

Why be curious? – there are personal & business benefits to being curious, finding solutions that are creative​ where you never thought to look in the first place.

At Ruby Datum, we were always curious to find ways to support our future lawyers, provide them an insight into the legal tech world, help them understand the benefits of being tech enabled and the edge it provides to a lawyer to enhance their productivity but most important upskill towards more analytical legal work.

Curiosity led us to start our internship program for law students. Here is what ‘Pranjal Poddar’ our first law ambassador is curious about:

‘I am always curious about:

  • the human existence and our purpose to be here in this dynamic world. I work on it daily to find my answers through meditation and observing things out of the nature.
  • how technology is going to change the legal fraternity. The way in which we all have adopted MS word replacing the typewriters is evident that the current way of legal processes will also be streamlined and automated by use of technology. This curiosity has made me work a lot on it and I have come up with my own legal tech startup – DreamLegal. about the legal technology apps, test and try different tools and software to impart its knowledge in DreamLegal.

My curiosity made me to travel to New Delhi in January this year to meet Rasmeet, a legal innovation expert and head of product innovation at Ruby Datum, to get more insights about the industry and I am here interning with Ruby Datum with so many questions that I am slowly gaining knowledge on.

Being curious, has pushed me towards an altogether different level in my career as compared to previously. Today, I spend hours researching about legal tech and its working in addition to my law studies and that is helping me and my organization grow while increasing my knowledge to the core.’