With the intention to empower future lawyers to understand and adopt legal technology and innovation, gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them in their future careers, we are very excited to launch Ruby Datum’s legal tech internship program for law schools and universities (remote).

We believe each law student is an ambassador and legal champion who can create awareness around legal technology and innovation across their law institutions, peers, future law firms or organisations.

Transformation must start from grass root level (law schools), and we would like to nurture and be the catalyst for this industry wide transformation.

As part of its vision, Ruby Datum would like to contribute to the legal industry by fostering innovation, spreading awareness and equip the future lawyers with practical usage and insights into the legal technology and its potential.

Our first legal tech ambassador is Pranjal Poddar, a 3rd year law student of Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India. Interestingly, Pranjal is also a co-founder of DreamLegal, a legal tech start-up. Started in 2021 during the 1st year of law school, DreamLegal is building an open access legal tech directory enlisting various legal tech solutions and products in India with a vision to become a legal tech marketplace in India.

We are very happy to have Pranjal with us and look forward to share knowledge and practical insights to equip him in his future journey as an entrepreneur and a holistic legal professional!

We propose to mentor one future lawyer every month. Feel free to DM us if you are curious and have deep interest in legal technology and would like to be part of this program.